Dont get pulled over in oklahoma city

So here i am on my road trip shooting across the USA . I left los angeles and headed as far as texas and then decided to do a u turn and start heading back.So im making my was from houston to little rock, Arkansas and then i get in the car and head to Oklahoma city. I was planning on staying for 2 days but that quickly changed to 1 day because of what happened to me. I pull into town and get settled in. I had a shoot lined up with a real new cute black girl whos never done anything before. She seemed really interested but unfortunately she didnt get off school until 10pm that night. I said i would still shoot her if she was interested but when it came time to 10pm i didnt get a call and nor did she pick up the phone when i rang her. So it was a no show. I decided to get my ass in working mode and head on out into town. Mind you it was a Wednesday night so i knew it was going to be a bit dead. But i shit , showered and shaved to get head on out to my first destination which was the local bars and clubs. Wasn’t shit going on and as i suspected it was pretty dead. I resorted to heading to the strip clubs. my first stop was fancy’s in valley brook. Well based upon the name it turned out to be nothing but that! bunch of busted up looking chicks so i drank my beer and headed to the next strip club down the street which was little darlings. because it was a chain strip club i figured i maybe able to get something decent so i payed the cover and went in. surprisingly it was pretty busy that night and there was a mix of different girls there. I ended up moving in on a really pretty tall black girl who was on stage. after she got off i invited her for a lap dance and spoke to her about doing some adult video. the song ended and she was a bit more curious so i invited her back to my table for a shot of Bacardi 151. We hit that shot and talked some more. I wasn’t sure if she was looking to work that night but i was pretty desperate to start working so i pitched out the offer to come back to my place and shoot and she declined. So i wasn’t about to spend any more time there as it was about midnight and i knew all the other clubs would close around 2am. i left the club and got into my car and thats when all the drama began.

I put the name of the next strip club in my gps and started my car up to leave the club . my phone was still searching for the directions so i made a slight right for about 2 seconds and then the gps voice guidance kicked in and told me to take a left. I did that and about 2 minutes down the road i see the flashing police lights. Since i was the only one on the road i pulled over and sure enough the police car pulled behind me. Office came up to my window asked for my license and registration and i provided that to him. he asked if i had been drinking and i honestly told him i had 1 drink and he then asked me to step out the car. Fuck i should have kept my mouth shut now that i think back on that. So he had me do the sobriety test . It was raining out and cold and i just wanted to get back into my vehicle and drive off. I was funny to take a sobriety test as this was my first one ever. I had no idea what he was going to ask me to do next but each test he gave me was pretty simple. while that was happening another cruiser pulls behind us and the officer asks me to sit in his car. He asks me what i was doing and if i had any narcotics or large amounts of cash in the car. I said no . and he told me he didnt believe me and asked if he could search my car. now at that moment i was like fuck that, i know my rights so i told him i do not consent for him to search my vehicle. He was like - ok then we will get the K-9 down here. About 30min after the k-9 shows up . im in the back of the police car and mind you i haven’t been arrested for anything. the dog circles around the car and doesn’t even make a peep. no barking no nothing. the k-9 police officer walks back and opens my door and asks me where are the drugs i know you are hiding them. the dashboard and doors look a bit worn . Im like what the fuck its a rental and its a car what do you want me to do ? replace that shit? he then says also the dog has given me out a high alert signal that there is suspicious narcotics in the vehicle. Im like oh great now your a dog whisperer cause i didn’t hear shit from the dog. All this was going on in the back of my mind. I can believe that this guy wants me to do his job for him and ontop of that i didnt even have anything!!! So 30 more minutes pass by and all the officers are flashing there lights in my windows. Then finally they open my doors and begin searching. Im like what the fuck is going on. 15 minutes pass and they cant find anything. all of the sudden one of the officers jumps into my vehicle and drives off with my car. Damn i forgot to take my keys out the ignition. Now im worried about what is going to happen next. Are they upset that they cant find anything and are they gonna fuck me up. They didnt tell me what was going on and then the patrol car i was in starts moving as well. Im like ok this is going to get ugly. We drive for about 5 minutes speeding down the street and pull into this dark ass lot. Now up until this point i only seen shit like this in the movies i couldn’t believe this was happening to me! the lights finally come on and i look around only to find out now im at there police station. Its a fucking trailer, seriously a trailer. Im at this backwards hick town and i dont know whats to happen next. finally the tow truck guy comes and all the officers now are taking out everything from my car. they are searching everything for about 1 hour. They must have asked me 3 times where i was hiding the everything. and here i am being honest that there is nothing illegal in the car and they just keep searching. They go through all my equipment and bags and confiscate everything. I end up spending practically the whole night in the back of the police car.
After all said and done i was released and only to find some stuff missing. Im in the process of putting together a case so i will do an update to this blog post but i thought i would share with you the experience.


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